A prosperous, just, and inclusive world driven by courageous, compassionate, and competent leaders.


Our mission is to build connections among youth from diverse backgrounds, equip them with leadership skills, and enable them to have high impact in public, private, and civil sectors.

Why We Exist

The challenges that confront Bangladesh today are immense, complex, and disparate. Our country is threatened by climate change, ecological devastation, violent partisan politics, rising youth unemployment, as well as widening and deepening socio-political and economic inequalities. BYLC aims to provide innovative and long terms solutions to these problems by fostering the courage, compassion, and competence necessary for effective leadership among today’s youth.

At BYLC, we believe that leadership is distinct from authority. It is a process, not a position. If we look at leadership as the process of mobilizing a group to improve the human condition, we open up new and exciting opportunities for people to participate in leadership activities, regardless of whether they hold a formal position of authority. This is especially relevant for Bangladesh where the median age of the population is 24, according to 2010 estimates of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Most young people do not hold formal positions of authority. Does this mean that this generation cannot contribute to the country’s development today?

We believe that formal authority is not a requirement for exercising leadership. Leadership can be exercised by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or socio-economic status. What is required for young people to exercise leadership is heart and ability. BYLC provides a platform for young people to develop leadership skills and participate in the country’s development process. A cornerstone of BYLC’s approach involves uniting youth from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds because effective leadership requires the capacity to embrace diversity and pluralism. And through this process of empowering young people to act on behalf of issues they care about deeply, we aim to strengthen prosperity, justice, and inclusiveness in society.

Our Strategy

The Challenge: <br>Fragmentation

The Challenge:

Deepening rifts in society and lack of social cohesion due to divergent educational systems and ideological disparities among the young generation.

Our Approach:<br> Build Compassion

Our Approach:
Build Compassion

By working at the intersection of English, Bengali, and Madrassa mediums of education, BYLC provides a common platform for students from diverse backgrounds to develop a strong sense of mutual respect and understanding.

The Challenge: <br>Skills Deficit

The Challenge:
Skills Deficit


The existing educational curriculum based on rote memorization does not foster creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills.  It thus inhibits students from effectively addressing challenges in the real world.

Our Approach: <br> Build Competence

Our Approach:
Build Competence


By using a highly experiential curriculum, BYLC’s programs cultivate critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Consequently, our students develop new competencies that help them to confidently address real world challenges.

The Challenge: <br>Conflation of Leadership with Authority

The Challenge:
Conflation of Leadership with Authority


There is a common misperception in Bangladesh that leadership can only be exercised by those in authority positions. Citizens, therefore, constantly look towards those in positions of authority for solutions to their own problems.

Our Approach: <br> Build Courage

Our Approach:
Build Courage


We emphasize in our curriculum that leadership can be exercised both with formal authority and without formal authority. We push our students out of their comfort zone to take initiatives without being dependent on authority. Our experiential approach enables our students to run experiments to make progress on common challenges.