About APL

The Art and Practice of Leadership (APL) is a 3-day national workshop for third and fourth year university students. This workshop provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to learn about leadership, communication, and career development. The participants embark on a stimulating personal journey that develops their leadership potential and helps them gain new competencies to better compete in the job market. Employers today look for more than just a degree. They look for individuals who will not only excel in their professional capacity, but will also lead, inspire, and mobilize people around them. Participants are drawn from all over Bangladesh and become part of a powerful network of youth leaders.


Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Participants are encouraged to become active and engaged citizens, regardless of their career aspirations. The program uses a combination of lectures, case-in-point teaching, discussions, and reflective exercises to expand participants’ capacity to adapt to diverse learning environments and address challenges in the workplace and beyond. 

Emphasis on Communication

Emphasis on Communication

Effective communication is often the key to resolving conflict and helping others adapt to difficult changes. The workshop features sessions aimed at strengthening participants’ communication skills to enable them to perform well in a professional job environment.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Participants receive a practical orientation of the job market and develop professional skills through activities that hone their critical thinking and problem solving methods. The workshop features panels with distinguished guests from diverse sectors to give participants a concrete understanding of potential career paths. 


  • Prepare students for the challenges of a competitive job market in a rapidly changing world
  • Encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone and expand their capacity to address complex challenges
  • Increase participants’ capacity to diagnose a social system and lead courageously in times of uncertainty, change, and conflict



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516 Graduates

Ayeleen Saleh-testimonail

Ayeleen Saleh

Director Business Development and Partnerships

Employers are constantly looking to hire well-rounded individuals. By focusing on leadership, communications skills and networking opportunities, we hope to inculcate values of professionalism in our graduates, which are critical for success in their careers.

Sobhan Chowdhury-testimonail

Sobhan Chowdhury


The APL workshop taught me to view issues more objectively. This polished my problem solving skills and ignited my inner creativity. I think more critically when approaching problems which has helped me significantly in my studies.