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Coronavirus has changed life in Bangladesh as we know it. As of August 12, we have a total of 263,503 reported cases and 3,471 deaths from COVID-19.* Experts predict that the economic impact of COVID-19 in our country will be greater than the health impact as we do not have the fiscal space for prolonged lockdowns.

BYLC understands the enormity of the challenges our country faces today. We have compiled a set of resources and data that will help spread useful information on COVID-19 and its impact on our lives. In our endeavors to stay resilient and be of service, we have also provided informative tools that can help others navigate this crisis.

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Message from
Ejaj Ahmad, Founder and President, BYLC

What has been BYLC’s response?

BYLC is working in four areas to address the crisis:


○ To address the economic crisis, BYLC, in collaboration with UK aid and Manusher Jonno Foundation, has supported 2,000 families with food for 10 days.
○ It is difficult for a small organization like BYLC to make a big enough dent to combat the enormity of the challenge at hand. We have thus collaborated with SAJIDA Foundation, Manusher Jonno Foundation, and Mission Save Bangladesh to provide relief to underprivileged communities suffering from the economic impacts of the crisis.
○ BYLC staff have contributed one day’s salary to alleviate the struggles of daily wage earners during COVID-19. 


○ We have published communication resources as well as blogs and articles on mental health support to help the youth navigate these challenging times.
○ BYLC staff constantly reach out to our campus ambassadors and volunteers in an effort to stay connected and support them with any kind of mental health support or guidance.   


○ We are running multiple campaigns encouraging people to stay at home and maintain social distancing and personal hygiene to address the immediate need to ‘flatten the curve.’
○ We have engaged over 100 BYLC campus ambassadors from institutes all over the country to spread awareness on the crisis through social media and emails.
○ Our alumni is practicing leadership in this time of crisis by engaging in various activities, ranging from spreading awareness to helping disadvantaged populations with food and other daily necessities. 


○ On July 14, we conducted a virtual roundtable on World Youth Skills Day 2020 in collaboration with our media partner, The Dhaka Tribune. The virtual roundtable hosted distinguished industry experts to discuss how youth can be trained for times of crisis and propose ways to meet the skills demand of a rapidly changing world.
○ BYLCx, our online learning platform, is currently offering 47 free online courses to teach important life skills to youth. In the months of June and July, BYLCx launched its latest program X Academy, an experts-led workshop series on a diverse array of skills development sessions for the youth.
○ We are now conducting all our leadership courses and workshops virtually. 


In today’s fast paced world where everyone is constantly striving to improve themselves in one way or another, online education has opened up a plethora of opportunities. It has become even more relevant at present, when most of us are quarantined within the four walls of our homes and the only access we have to the rest of the world is through the internet. Apart from offering an inclusive learning path, online education has broken all the rules of conventional classroom learning.



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BYLC has collaborated with SAJIDA Foundation and Mission Save Bangladesh to provide relief to underprivileged communities suffering from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.
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