A prosperous, just, and inclusive world driven by courageous, compassionate, and competent leaders.


To enable youth to have high impact in public, private, and civil sectors by equipping them with leadership skills and connecting them to jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Practice Adaptive Leadership

Stay diagnostic in the middle of action, take ownership, run experiments to innovate, and be committed to both action and reflection.


Be honest and transparent in all our dealings with students, colleagues, partners, and stakeholders.

Excellence In Everything We Do

Produce the highest quality of work through initiative, punctuality, attention to detail, positive energy, and professionalism.

Respect For Others

Be open and tolerant to differing viewpoints, embrace diversity, and communicate with everyone with equal respect, regardless of their position in the organization.

Continuous Development

Be committed to learning and helping others learn. Contribute to personal development by receiving feedback and contribute to the development of others by giving constructive feedback.


Be understanding and non-judgmental in our dealings with students, colleagues, partners, and stakeholders. Listen with curiosity. First seek to understand, then to be understood.

Our Strategy

BYLC today is disrupting the higher education landscape in Bangladesh by providing world-class leadership training through physical and blended courses, tackling youth unemployment by influencing government policies, connecting youth to jobs through physical and online networks, and instilling in them values of public service and community engagement. Furthermore, BYLC is creating the next generation of high impact entrepreneurs through incubation and investment support.

The Challenge:

Deepening rifts in society and lack of social cohesion due to divergent educational systems and ideological disparities among the young generation.

Our Approach: Build Compassion

By working at the intersection of English, Bengali, and Madrassa mediums of education, BYLC provides a common platform for students from diverse backgrounds to develop a strong sense of mutual respect and understanding.
illustration_callenge-Skills Deficit

The Challenge: Skills Deficit

The existing educational curriculum based on rote memorization does not foster creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills. It thus inhibits students from effectively addressing challenges in the real world.
illustration_callenge-Skills Deficit (1)

Our Approach: Build Skills

By using a highly experiential curriculum, BYLC’s programs cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Consequently, our students develop new competencies that help them to confidently address real-world challenges.
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The Challenge: Conflation of Leadership with Authority

There is a common misperception in Bangladesh that leadership can only be exercised by those in authority positions. Citizens, therefore, constantly look towards those in positions of authority for solutions to their own problems.
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Our Approach:
Build Courage

We emphasize in our curriculum that leadership can be exercised both with formal authority and without formal authority. We push our students out of their comfort zone to take initiatives without being dependent on authority. Our experiential approach enables our students to run experiments to make progress on common challenges.