Ahmed Sabbir is the deputy manager of the marketing and communication team at BYLC. His core responsibilities include leading campus marketing and outreach activities for the organization’s leadership and professional development programs; maintaining relationships with external stakeholders; leading marketing campaigns in education institutes; hosting career development and learning sessions for campus ambassadors to foster their growth and commitment to BYLC; and overseeing digital marketing and communication strategies.

Sabbir recently participated in the six-month long Community Solution Program in the US. As part of the program, he was involved in a workshop on leadership, communication, and cultural diversity in Washington DC. Under this program, he worked as a public policy and advocacy fellow at United Way Worldwide from August to December 2019, and received training on digital advocacy, team building, and planning. He intends to incorporate his learnings into the daily activities of the marketing and communication team. 

Sabbir holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Chittagong. He  was also the president of the Chittagong chapter of Volunteer for Bangladesh, Chittagong district, and a co-founder of the Chittagong University Career Club.