Arnob Kumar Saha is the acting manager in the Office of Professional Development (OPD) at BYLC. His core responsibilities include engaging top employers to assist them with talent sourcing and recruitment along with working closely with them to co-create a curriculum and train the country’s youth in professional development. He is also teaching and facilitating the career development programs and workshops conducted by OPD and developing online course materials for BYLCx, the online platform of BYLC.

He has previously trained primary school teachers from English, Bangla and Madrasa mediums on teaching gender equality in the classrooms at HerStory Foundation. He was one of the writers of the HerStory Unit Plan which received the EMK Small Grant Award. He is also an official mental health first aider trained under Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Bangladesh, and is on his way to becoming one of the few national instructors of MHFA Bangladesh. Arnob began his career in Teach for Bangladesh (TFB), a globally recognized teaching fellowship program. He then worked as a leadership coach in TFB and worked as an operations manager of the organization’s Winter Academy.    

Arnob has completed his bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering from American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership and school improvement from BRAC Institute of Educational Development (BIED).

Arnob believes that a systematic change in the education system will only occur if the youth of the country are mobilized in the education sector and trained efficiently with the necessary skills to be career-ready for the 21st century job market.