Ayaz is the manager of BYLCx, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center’s online learning academy. His core responsibilities include leading BYLC’s efforts to democratize 21st century skills training for Bangladeshi youth; engaging experts to develop content; and developing the BYLCx platform to make its content available on a mass scale.

Ayaz has experience working in startups and large corporations, including Grameen Solutions, ACI Limited, and Shohoz, as well as exposure to multiple industries, including IT and retail. Over the last few years, Ayaz managed technology products including grocery e-commerce and food delivery solutions.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from York University in Canada.

Ayaz is passionate about Bangladeshi entrepreneurship, and has been closely following the development of the local start-up ecosystem. A firm believer in the power of youth to shape the future, he is just as eager to learn from today’s youth as he is to rebuild the means by which the youth will continue to learn.