Jahedul Islam is the deputy manager of the operations team at BYLC. He is also a trainee instructor for Building Bridges through Leadership Training Junior program.

Over the last ten years, Jahed has been working at BYLC in different capacities, from teaching to project management. His passion for teaching and mentorship drove him to work as a facilitator for four leadership programs and act as Lead Instructor in three BBLTJ programs. In addition to teaching, Jahed has worked in the core organizing teams of the BYLC Youth Leadership Summit and the Youth Leadership Bootcamp. He is also the founding president of the BYLC Graduate Network (BGN). 

Jahed earned his bachelor’s in dental surgery (BDS) from University Dental College and Hospital. He completed his Alim exams from Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrassa with a full scholarship from Sajida Foundation. His enterprising mind and tenacity to work for the betterment of society led him to start a social initiative called Bangladesh Center for Initiative (BCI). He aspires to bring about positive change in Bangladesh and help Bangladesh move towards becoming a more inclusive and tolerant nation.