Nahiyan is currently working as a Senior Executive in Leadership Development and Teaching Team in BYLC. His core responsibilities include assisting the team in developing the curriculum and successfully implementing the leadership training programs.

Previously, he worked in “The Tech Academy” which is a fusion of an educational institute and an innovation lab as a Management Executive and Consultant where he worked for teaching children Robotics, Animation and Game Development through a gamified experience in a way that they can move to an advanced level to collaborate with teachers and come up with
tech innovations of their own for the real world. He worked closely with the CEO of the organization to initiate new social initiatives and worked in the planning and execution as well as partnership development of the projects. He was also in charge of the academic team of the organization where he worked on teachers training, class experience design and curriculum

He also worked as a Science Educator and communicator for the International Science Film Festival 2020 in Goethe- Institut Bangladesh. He was selected to be a part of a team of 30 educators from 18 different countries where he worked for developing and designing science activities for the science film festival relating with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). He is also conducted training sessions for teachers and
students for executing the science activities in Bangladesh.

Previously, he worked at Teach for Bangladesh as a Fellow for two years, which is also a leadership development program where he worked directly with local teachers and officials in development and improvement of an underprivileged school in Dhaka. He taught 40 children in that school for two years and worked on implementing several projects for the community. He collaborated with local organizations and NGOs such as Wreetu, Free the Mind, Teach It, Footsteps, Artopolitan, Agami, PSD etc for the development of underprivileged students through involvement in extra-curricular activities underprivileged students through involvement in extra-curricular activities. Among his other initiatives he organized Hour of Code to teach programming in that school. He ran two projects focusing on mental health and wellbeing in his two years of fellowship in the community and completed a training program on “Psychological Training for School Teachers” conducted by EMK Center and Life Spring. He
also organized a 3 science fairs, an art exhibition, 3 book fair visits and several other workshops for the development of leadership among the students in that community. During this time, he was selected as one of the five best teachers to attend “Transforming Education Conference for Humanity (TECH)- 2018” Conference in Andhra Pradesh, India by UNESCO
MGIEP. He has also completed the program Global Classroom Learning Loop Course – Rigor in STEM by Teach for All and is a fellow of Global Girls’ Education Fellowship 2020 as an Alum of Teach for All.

In his personal life he loves to read a lot. He is also the founder of an initiative named ঘুরেফিরে অভিযান বই নিয়ে নাহিয়ান (Books with Nahiyan) where he tries to promote reading books as a part of contributing towards creating a more knowledge-based society. His hobbies include writing, travelling and photography. He loves to learn about different new things from diversified backgrounds and tries to implement them in his work and life. His vision is to contribute to his fullest to make the world a better
place to live for everyone.