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The Art and Practice of Leadership (APL) is a 3-day national workshop for third or fourth year undergraduate students, and first or second year full-time master’s students (who have completed their bachelor’s degree not more than two years ago) from any accredited university in Bangladesh. Conceptualized at Harvard University, this workshop provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to learn about leadership, communication, and career development. The participants embark on a stimulating personal journey that develops their leadership potential and helps them gain new competencies to better compete in the job market. Employers today look for more than just a degree. They look for individuals who will not only excel in their professional capacity, but will also lead, inspire, and mobilize people around them. Participants are drawn from all over Bangladesh and become part of a powerful network of youth leaders.


Leadership and Innovation

Leadership and Innovation

The program encourages participants to become innovative and engaged citizens, regardless of their career aspirations. It uses a combination of lectures, case-in-point teaching, discussions, and reflective exercises to expand participants’ capacity to adapt to diverse learning environments. It also helps the participants learn how to generate innovative solutions through self-assessment, deep observation, diverse networking, and rapid experimentation.

Communication and Persuasion

Communication and Persuasion

No matter what you want to accomplish, much of your success will rely on your ability to persuade others. The workshop introduces participants with proven principles of persuasion to increase their ability to win support. It also features sessions aimed at strengthening participants’ communication skills to enable them to perform well in a professional job environment.

Group Dynamics and Teamwork

Group Dynamics and Teamwork

Problems confronting organizations are now so complex that teams are essential to provide effective solutions. So organizations increasingly look for people who are effective in teamwork. During the workshop, each participant is assigned to a diverse group of 8-9 students, and is trained to apply critical thinking skills to evaluate group dynamics & team processes.

You will learn

  • The concepts of leadership from our curriculum developed at Harvard University
  • Techniques to generate innovative solutions through self-assessment, deep observation, and rapid experimentation
  • The winning principles of persuasion that will help you mobilize stakeholders
  • The fundamentals of public speaking and communication
  • The essentials of team dynamics that will help you to be a team player
  • Proven techniques of networking that will help you to build lasting connections

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Almeer Ahsan Asif-testimonail

Almeer Ahsan Asif

Deputy Manager, Curriculum Development, Instructor

I had the pleasure of being on both sides of the APL classroom. As a faculty, I can take my students through the same transformation I experienced when I participated in the first batch of APL. The state of the art curriculum on leadership, communication and networking skills that we deliver in the 3 day training continues to transform young people from all sectors and regions of Bangladesh.

Sobhan Chowdhury-testimonail

Sobhan Chowdhury


The APL workshop taught me to view issues more objectively. This polished my problem solving skills and ignited my inner creativity. I think more critically when approaching problems which has helped me significantly in my studies.

Art and Practice of Leadership