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With the theme of ‘Desh Amar Dayitto Amar’, BYLC concluded the three-day long Youth Leadership Summit 2018

With the theme ‘Desh Amar, Dayitto Amar,’ 350 young citizens from all over Bangladesh attended the Youth Leadership Summit 2018. A survey with more than 3200 university students conducted by BYLC prior to the summit found that the top four challenges faced by the youth include lack of quality education and skills development opportunities, absence of sufficient work opportunities, corruption in public and private institutions, and exclusion from civic participation. Based on their opinions, this year’s summit featured knowledge sharing sessions on education, employment, social justice, social inclusion, and engaging youth in politics and policy making.

The panel discussions, featuring leading activists, industry experts, youth changemakers, and policy makers of Bangladesh, shed light on action steps required to make progress on each of these challenges.  

During the three days, delegates worked together and co-created a Youth Manifesto outlining their priorities and aspirations. They came up with 40 policy recommendations in the Youth manifesto and handed over it to political parties of the upcoming national elections. In the ‘Youth in politics and policy’ session, delegates got the chance to ask questions directly to the political leaders from different political parties. At the end of the session, political leaders committed to working together for the youth of Bangladesh.