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Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) is organizing its first BYLC Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge to encourage budding entrepreneurs of the country to come up with innovative business ideas that can lead to change in their local communities.

Supported by UKAid and Manusher Jonno Foundation, BYLC Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) will empower young individuals to design unique revenue generating business models that address social issues, such as developing inclusive services for underserved or marginalized communities, promoting gender equity in education and employment, changing mindsets and catalyzing positive behavioral change, and harnessing the power of technology to address gaps in the market. YEC is a part of BYLC’s efforts to nurture and encourage the passion of young entrepreneurs by connecting them to the right tools and networks, and help them grow as catalysts of change.

Aside from providing a launching pad for young entrepreneurs through financial and logistic support, applicants will also be offered the opportunity to learn and express their business ideas in a well-articulated and persuasive manner through the courses offered on our online platform, BYLCx.


BDT 800,000 seed funding each

Co-working space for one year

Training for six months

Networking and mentorship opportunities

Opportunity to receive a scale-up funding of BDT 1,500,000


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200 applicants – competitively selected from the pool of applications submitted after completion of at least one course from BYLCx – will get the chance to attend a residential entrepreneurship bootcamp in Sreemangal for four days of transformative personal experience, leadership training, and career navigation.

Following the Bootcamp and a rigorous assessment process, the top five business ideas will be selected to receive BDT 800,000 for a year. The winning teams will be placed in an incubation hub for a six-month long training for startup management, which will include financial forecasting, financial reporting, team management, brand marketing, product commercialization, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and other necessary skills to champion their startups. Throughout this phase, BYLC will provide one-to-one mentorship and guidance to the teams.

At the end of the incubation phase, the top two projects with potential for scale-up and impact will each receive additional scale-up funding of BDT 1,500,000.


Build Your Future

Take a course from BYLCx, learn in-demand skills, and find your dream job with our career service.

BYLCx, the online learning academy of BYLC, provides online learning to equip young people with leadership, professional development and 21st century skills, and enable them to have high impact in public, private, and civil sectors.

A step-by-step guide to captivating delivery
How to write a powerful speech
Storytelling in the 21st Century
Impromptu public speaking
Writing Professional Emails
Writing for success
Problem Solving in the 21st Century
Critical thinking for Professional Success
Skills and Strategies for Negotiation
Beyond Aspiration: Meeting Goals and Challenges
Creative Thinking in a rapidly changing workplace
Mastering Interpersonal communication
Finance Essentials
English Grammar Essentials
PowerPoint Basics for Presentation
Critical thinking for Professional Success
Innovation for Change Makers
Gantt Chart for Project Management
Business Presentation Basics
Advanced PowerPoint
Effective Teamwork
Time Management Skills
Entrepreneurship: Managing Financial Uncertainties
CSS Basics
Digital Citizenship

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BYLC Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The 200 best applications for the YEC that demonstrate realistic interventions and have the potential for long term change will be selected and invited to go through a four-day long residential program.

Set in the scenic city of Sreemangal, the Bootcamp participants will not only develop tangible skills to make them more competitive in their careers, but will also gain valuable insights into the workplace through exposure visits. Participants will undergo intensive training on design thinking, project management, financial planning, team management, product market fit, and other necessary skills required for designing a detailed business proposal, and effective project implementation. Drawing on their lessons, applicants will be asked to submit a more detailed application elaborating on their intervention, timeline, budget, team members, risk mitigation plan, sustainability, plan, etc.

This year, we will have two consecutive Bootcamps. The first YEB will take place from September 26-29, and the second one will take place from October 03-06, 2019. Applicants will only have to apply for one, and mention their preference on the application form.


How do I apply to the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC)?

You need to complete at least one BYLCx course and receive the course certificate. You will then need to fill out the application form and upload the certificate. You will be notified if your application is shortlisted.

How many courses do I need to take on BYLCx to apply to YEC?

You need to take at least one course on BYLCx to apply to YEC.

Who can apply?

Aspiring entrepreneurs between ages 18 to 35 years, with innovative business ideas, can apply to the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Do I need to stay for the entire duration of the Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp?

Yes, as a participant, you will be required to stay for the entire duration of the Bootcamp to be a graduate of the program and to qualify for the subsequent steps of the YEC.

Will I get accommodation facility during the YEB?

Yes, participants of the Bootcamp will receive shared-basis accommodation for the duration of the program.

About BYLC

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), the country's first leadership institute, exists to build connections among youth from diverse backgrounds, equip them with leadership skills, and enable them to have high impact in public, private, and civil sectors. All our efforts aim to strengthen prosperity, justice, and inclusiveness in societies worldwide.