Join the YLS to become your best self and have a stronger impact on your surroundings!

The global pandemic offers you the ideal opportunity to exercise leadership. Acquire skills of active citizenship, problem-solving, and social service to be the changemakers the world needs right now.

About YLS

The 3-day Youth Leadership Summit focuses on the core challenges encountered by youth leaders. Through a competitive screening process, YLS brings a diverse group of young delegates from around the world together with distinguished experts, innovators, and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors for a journey of collective exploration, reflection, and networking. The summit features a mix of plenaries and panels on entrepreneurship, global citizenship, education and career, gender and leadership, politics, and innovation. Team-building activities and reflection sessions give delegates opportunities to deepen their understanding of effective, meaningful, and inclusive leadership. Eligible applicants are in college, university, or at the start of their career.

Upcoming YLS

Youth Leadership Summit 2021

Application Deadline: Monday, May 31, 2021
Program Duration: August 4-7, 2021

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Leadership Training

Participants learn strategies to exercise leadership to address pressing local, national, and global challenges effectively.

Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing

The summit provides participants with the invaluable opportunity to interact with inspiring and distinguished experts and innovators from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.


Participants gain access to a powerful global network of bright, accomplished, and visionary youth leaders.



To bring together 400 youth, competitively selected from all over Bangladesh along with reputed expert speakers to facilitate an intergenerational dialogue on issues and challenges that limit youth’s inclusive participation in public, private, and civil sector