About Art and Practice of Leadership, Special Online Edition

The Art and Practice of Leadership (APL) Special online edition is a 7-day leadership and skill development national workshop. Conceptualized at Harvard University, this workshop provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to learn about leadership during a crisis. The participants embark on a stimulating personal journey that develops their leadership potential and helps them gain new competencies to better compete in the fast-changing world. The present pandemic is causing the whole world economy and job market to change faster than ever before. At the same time, this is creating opportunities for the new generation to emerge with new skills. In order to get crisis ready and adorn yourself with the cutting-edge skills for the post-pandemic world, commence your journey with the potential youths from all over Bangladesh and also become part of a powerful network of youth leaders.

APL 26, Special Online Edition

Eligibility: Only third or fourth-year undergraduate students and first or second-year full-time master’s students (who have completed their bachelor’s degree not more than two years ago) from an accredited university in Bangladesh are eligible to apply for these seven days national workshop on leadership and professional development.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Online Class Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Mode of the program: Online
Program Date: December 18–24, 2020 
Registration Fee: APL registration fee is BDT 5,000, which includes BDT 1,000 for the lifetime membership of the BYLC Graduate Network (BGN). The original registration fee was BDT 7,000; BDT 2,000 is offered as a scholarship due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. As a Leadership institution, BYLC believes in youth development and will cover the remaining costs through its own consulting and training work and through other funding. If you are already a BYLC graduate and a BGN member, the BGN registration fee will not be applicable for you and you will have to pay BDT 4,000 for registration. Any other financial waiver will not be available.


Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Participants are encouraged to become active and engaged citizens, regardless of their career aspirations. The program uses a combination of lectures, case-in-point teaching, discussions, and reflective exercises to expand participants’ capacity to adapt to diverse learning environments and address challenges in the workplace and beyond. 

Emphasis on Communication

Emphasis on Communication

Effective communication is often the key to resolving conflict and helping others adapt to difficult changes. The workshop features sessions aimed at strengthening participants’ communication skills to enable them to perform well in a professional job environment.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Participants receive a practical orientation of the job market and develop professional skills through activities that hone their critical thinking and problem solving methods. 


  • Prepare students for the challenges of a competitive job market in a rapidly changing world
  • Encourage participants to step out of their comfort zone and expand their capacity to address complex challenges
  • Increase participants’ capacity to diagnose a social system and lead courageously in times of uncertainty, change, and conflict



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Almeer Ahsan Asif-testimonail

Almeer Ahsan Asif

Assistant Manager, Curriculum Development, Instructor

I had the pleasure of being on both sides of the APL classroom. As a faculty, I can take my students through the same transformation I experienced when I participated in the first batch of APL. The state of the art curriculum on leadership, communication and networking skills that we deliver in the 3 day training continues to transform young people from all sectors and regions of Bangladesh.

Sobhan Chowdhury-testimonail

Sobhan Chowdhury


The APL workshop taught me to view issues more objectively. This polished my problem solving skills and ignited my inner creativity. I think more critically when approaching problems which has helped me significantly in my studies.

Art and Practice of Leadership