BYLC works to equip our participants with leadership skills and inspire them to lead change in their communities. This year, to understand our impact, we conducted a survey amongst our graduates to know more about their leadership journey, how our programs have influenced them, and their aspirations for the future. The following responses reflect the impressions of 600 BYLC graduates.













Indira Rahman

Indira Rahman

Lead by Indira, Road to School was conceptualized by six BBLT 9 participants during the ‘Leadership in Action’ phase of the BBLT program. It started as a small education support center in the Tejgaon Registry Complex, with 50 students aged 5-12. The
children go through a holistic education curriculum. In addition to the national primary school curriculum for Bengali, English, and Mathematics, the founders emphasized Bangladesh history, art, and sports. The model has since been expanded to include science and IT education. After the BBLT program ended, the graduates have continued with their projects. In 2015, the project won the Davis Peace Prize, the same grant through which BYLC started.

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Osama Bin Noor

Osama Bin Noor

BBLT 5 graduates, Osama Bin Noor and Makshud Manik recognized the gaps in information that kept young people from utilizing the best learning opportunities. Thus they co-founded Youth Opportunities, which is now the largest discovery platform for youth across the globe. The purpose of this platform is to provide young people with opportunities to explore and prepare themselves so that they can face challenges and excel in their career growth.  Youth Opportunities works to bridge gaps between young people and their scope to contribute to create a better world. For his achievement in harnessing the potential of young people around the world, Osama was recently featured in Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 list for social entrepreneurship.

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Ovick Alam

Ovick Alam

Webable is a digital creative agency co-founded by Ovick Alam, a graduate of BBLT 3, and Anis Hannan, a BBLT 4 graduate. Based in Bangladesh, with 18 digital marketing technologists, WebAble aims to simplify digital interactions for a select pool of ambitious clients. WebAble’s clientele includes Kaspersky, Aarong, Dell, Bay Developments, Rahimafrooz, Bangladesh Brand Forum, British American Tobacco, Bitdefender, and other reputed organizations. In 2015, Ovick won the award for Asia’s Asia's most influential digital media professional.

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