The ongoing pandemic has caused both the global economy and the job market to change faster than ever before. South Asia, home to more than one-fourth of the world’s population, has been one of the hardest-hit regions globally. It has now become even more significant for the youth to step out of their comfort zone and improve their skills to practice leadership in times of such crisis. Moreover, at a time when employers are being extremely cautious about their recruitment strategies, the youth need to go beyond a degree. They are required to know how to not only excel in their professional capacity but also to lead, inspire, and mobilize the people around them.

The Art and Practice of Leadership (APL) is a seven-day-long leadership and skills development national workshop, which offers participants an exceptional opportunity to learn how to practice leadership during a crisis. Originally conceptualized at Harvard University, APL offers participants the chance to embark on a stimulating personal journey that helps them gain cutting-edge skills for a post-pandemic world and learn new competencies to better compete in the evolving job market. Participants drawn from top universities from all over Bangladesh will also attain the opportunity to be part of a powerful network of youth leaders.


After completing APL you will learn


Communication through public speaking

Emotional intelligence

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Mental well-being 

Learning from failure 


  • Third- or fourth-year undergraduate students
  • First-second-year students full-time master’s students who completed their bachelor’s degree not more than two years ago from an accredited university in Bangladesh

Frequently asked questions

APL will help you understand how you can maximize your potential as you gain training on cutting-edge skills such as:

Leadership in crisis
Effective communication
Problem-solving and critical thinking
Emotional intelligence
Tools for mental well-being
Learning from failure

You will also have the opportunity to be a part of the BYLC Graduate Network (BGN), a powerful network of bright and accomplished young people from all over Bangladesh.

The applicant has to be a third or fourth-year undergraduate student or first or second-year full-time master's student who has completed their bachelor's degree not more than two years ago from an accredited university in Bangladesh.  

The registration fee for APL is BDT 5,000, which includes BDT 1,000 for the lifetime membership of BYLC Graduate Network (BGN). If you are already a BYLC graduate and a BGN member, the BGN registration fee will not be applicable for you and you will have to pay BDT 4,000 for registration.

The original registration fee for APL is BDT 7,000. However, we are offering a flat rate BDT 2,000 scholarship for all participants considering the ongoing pandemic. We will thus not be able to offer any further financial assistance. 

Registration fees have to be paid via bKash.

The workshop is designed for dynamic individuals looking to upstart their professional career by cultivating the right set of skills early on. Thus, candidates have to go through a rigorous admission process to be eligible for participation. Candidates will be critically assessed for their skills on written communication and overall performance through the application form and the final interview round.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an online interview. The candidates will be assessed based on their written communication (in the application form) and their performance in the interview round. 

We try our best to support the development of the youth. However, due to resource constraints, we will not be able to provide individual feedback to applicants who are not invited for the second round of assessments. If you are selected for the second round and do not make it to the final pool of selected participants, we will be happy to share with you a scanned copy of your assessment form with comments from the interview board members.

It is mandatory to attend every session to graduate from the workshop and receive the certificate. The workshop structure has been designed accordingly to build on the concepts covered in the previous sessions. The overall experience will be most valuable for you if you have attended all the sessions of the workshop.

If, due to emergencies, you are unable to attend any session, participants need to inform their instructor/facilitator beforehand.  

No, you will not be able to attend the workshop without registering as a participant.  

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