transition of aspiration

December 31, 2020 - Zarin Khushnud 

Pandemic vs. Productivity

“You better learn the ways of spending your time productively from your uncle’s son!” I heard my mom bellow at my brother from the other end of the house as I sat down to write my piece on


Months and months of isolation with no specific time frame has impacted individuals in one way or the other. While some might find it exceptionally strenuous to deal with the grief or fear of losing a loved one, others may as well feel disgruntled trying to cope up with uninvited mood swings and dilemmas. However, after spending a prolonged amount of time under lockdown, it is possible to categorize the valuable in-house residents of this overwhelming pandemic market into a few distinct niches, as outlined below.

The hopeful(s)

The true optimists, the ones who believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and this too, shall pass. The hopeful(s) will usually be found comforting others and providing them with shoulders to rant on. We can surely rely on them for a heartwarming conversation or some jokes to hold onto our peace of mind in such trying times.

The contemplators

The contemplators are quite an intriguing group of individuals. We will usually find them gazing dreamily into space, foreseeing what the virus has in store for us. They are well aware of the economic, financial, and social consequences of a post-pandemic world and are always available to provide worthwhile insights and advice on such matters.

The all-nighters

The all-nighters have skilfully transformed themselves into nocturnal species over the last few months. Going to sleep at 4 am, being fully energized after a web series spree, and waking up gloomily twelve hours later is the new normal for them. For a quick fun trick, we can try abruptly asking them to identify the day and date and enjoy staring at their confused faces!

The nonchalant crew

Calm, composed, and unconcerned about the pandemic, the world, and all that it contains. They are generally a pleasure to watch munching on snacks, reading a novel, or dwelling on satisfying memories instead of tracking disturbing news. They live by the motto ‘whatever is ought to happen, shall happen’ and there are no added benefits stressing over it.

The achievers

The achievers have already mesmerized us by their involvement in a plethora of activities. Be it showcasing their hidden cooking skills, to the completion of numerous online courses, or their noble initiatives undertaken to help those in need. They have really made the best use of extra time and energy.

Generally speaking, the current pattern indicates that one will fall under any one or two of the categories or make transitions between all of them depending on their mood, personality preference, or day-wise schedules. However, it is vital to remember that all versions of you existing in the pandemic are equally important and special. It is completely acceptable to not be able to gather the will to wake up from bed one morning and feel jaunty enough to outgrow everyone else on another. As vital as it is to accept reality, it is as well significant enough to welcome and support our inner urges and complexes. As long as we decide to hold our beliefs, values, and spirits strong in addition to keeping our sanities checked, everything else shall fall into place in no time.

“Maa, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, not a productivity contest!” I squealed back as I typed the final words for my piece and ran off to give her a hug and clear her views on certain lockdown stigmas.