April 12, 2022-Radeeyah Zaman Khan

Stay Undefeated by Dhaka Traffic

Lately living in Dhaka city is becoming increasingly unbearable. Even though life finally resuming back to normal feels great, the constant exhaustion and being completely drained from traveling has us functioning like zombies. The heat and the start of Ramadan have not made it easier either. This holy month is supposed to be a time for cleansing the soul, reconnecting with our spirituality, and being patient. But our patience is being seemingly tested with every constant honking and noise from the bustling streets of Dhaka.

The system might be failing us but we need not fail ourselves, so here are some ways for you to beat the traffic and have a productive commute.

Make a to-do list

Morning commutes can be the best time to prepare for your day. Take a few minutes to make a to-do list, you could make use of your smartphone, keep a diary, or just have your work organized in one place. This helps you keep track of work, prioritize tasks, and get the ball rolling to have an efficient day. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing off the list of tasks on your to-do list at the end of the day. Highly recommended.

Read a book

Learning is never-ending and reading is a great tool to expand your knowledge. A lot of us want to be able to read more but claim to not have the time for it, so why not make use of your commute to read a new book and enrich our lives?

Listen to a podcast

A lot of us depend on rickshaws and bikes for commuting, so it may be difficult to use a laptop/phone or read a book but this is where your headphones can become your best buds. Tune in to a podcast, research, and find podcasts that inspire you. Learn about a new topic, listen to motivational conversations, and start your day with some positivity.

Catch up on conversations

Want to get a headstart for the working day? You may choose to respond to all the pending emails and texts during your commute time. Or you could call a friend or family member and catch up with them. Though be considerate when talking over the phone on public transport, and not add more noise.

Learn a new skill

It’s not necessary that you have to make use of the ‘dead’ time but rather than drowning in dread while you reach your destination, imagine being rewarded just by properly utilizing your commute? Invest this time to pick up a new skill or master a new language to flaunt in your CV. In case you need help, we’ve got plenty of courses too at BYLCx.

Turn on the beats

While all the above tips are great ways to be productive, it’s equally important to just enjoy the moment, and blast a few beats to prepare for the day. You just cannot be in a bad mood when your favorite songs are playing, so this is a great way of bringing that high and positive energy to your destination.

Practice empathy

During the month of Ramadan, our patience is meant to be tested, but commuting on the roads of Dhaka is a test of tolerance at any time of the year. A large number of us commute on public transportation, so it is important to be mindful of people’s personal space and display kindness to everyone in our surroundings.

Take a walk

If your destination is within walking distance, choose to walk. Catch up on your exercise; your body and mind will thank you for it. Walking can also save you a lot of time because the speed of vehicles in traffic remains unmatched by footwork. Reach your daily step count.

Unwind and Nap

Lastly, we are exhausted, and the traffic drains us even more. Take this time to review and reflect on your day or simply take a nap. Rest is important and needed. So let your hair down, and take a nap if your commute allows you to.

Go forth and conquer the Dhaka traffic!